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A run-down of recent events

I've been sitting indoors all day, eating, window-shopping online, and catching up on my favorite radio programs. Right now I'm listening to the 9/11 memorials. It's a holiday in Korea so a lot of things are closed.


  • My brother came to Korea a few weeks ago and it was a good time, all told. Hoping that he keeps better touch after this, as he seems to have for a little bit. I posted pics of fb a while back, where you can see... the Full House!! Tourism-wise, the best place I've been to here, just because it was so much a part of my image of Korea before I came here. It goes without saying that Korea is a bit more dimensional than its dramas... but that's where I had an emotional attachment preceding my arrival here, so going to the set of my favorite one was really special.
  • My school contract couldn't be extended after all, so I've been looking for another job to fill the gap from October to February. I had to pass up a great opportunity at my friend's school because they needed me by September, and my school principal/vp wouldn't let me quit this position early even after they knew the difficulty of my circumstances. So. Thanks for the flexibility, guys. I had to turn down another job offer because they were too far away, the hours sucked, and they wanted me to work illegally after I started grad school. Anyway, once this holiday's up I'm re-posting my job availability (omitting the fact that I might have to quit a one-year contract in February) to see if I can get any good offers. It's gonna be a pain in the ass if I have to go home.
  • So it follows that, in a most untimely fashion (as is wont to happen to me for whatever reason), for the first time in years I find myself in a relationship. It happened so fast, I don't even fucking know. He's a sweetheart though... so nice I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, as cynical as that sounds. We were supposed to take a trip with another couple to the countryside tomorrow, but the boy just lost his wallet, so I don't know if we're going much of anywhere until that gets resolved.
  • Given that, one way or another, I'm gonna be moving out of this apartment in a little over a month, I have packing to... look forward to. Smack in the middle of the second period of grad school applications. Fuck.



lol he can sing well!! Which means I have to avoid karaoke with him at all costs. >.