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It's been almost three months, incredibly. I can't believe how time flies.

The weather outside is gorgeous. There's people at my place installing ac so I'm vegging at a cafe hoping they'll be done by the time I get back.

School is going well enough. I'm taking three classes. I have a mid-term next week that I can't be bothered to get worried about because I've been too preoccuppied with my other two classes. Classes are as follows:

Trade Issues in Comparative Perpective: I thought this would be something along the lines of my political economy classes in undergrad, but it is 100% economics, which... I had never taken a microeconomics class, so I went into this class lacking a lot of background knowledge I really should have had. The Research Methodology class I'm currently taking is this class's unofficial prerequisite, which would have been nice to know before I registered, but my school is rather lacking in course counseling for students, so... Anyway, I am surviving, I think. Got through the group project, which was kind of a wash, but now there's only one more assignment and then a final, besides all the reading that I have fortunately been keeping up with.

International Cooperation: Essentially the Intro to Int'l Relations course I took in undergrad, I find it hard to get too worked up about this class. Group presentation here in another month, which I volunteered to lead for some unknown reason.

Research Methodology: Had our first group project (professors here seem never to assign papers, probably because they're too lazy to grade them; too bad since writing is my strongest suit and working with other people is a pain in the ass) this week and it went much better than the other class. I hope at least from this class I come out with a competent knowledge of Excel. The whole reason I took this class was to learn practical skills.

Thing about my program is, the professor's are all big-shots. Judges on international courts, government big-wigs, top brass in big corporations like Hyundai and Samsung. But the downside of all that is that I always feel like being a professor is not their first priority. This is grad school, but we're still encouraged to contact the TA for anything we need before going to the professor. The student to faculty ratios are ridiculous (30 kids in a class at least).

I guess SMU spoiled me too; classes there were small and hardly any professors even had TAs.

It's been tricky getting to know anyone because I work and can't attend a lot of extracurricular events, but I guess that kind of thing takes time and I'm not the out-going type anyway. I did join a weekly Latin American round-table, where I finally get to use Spanish again. I was floored to meet all the Koreans who speak great Spanish, one of my professors included.

I feel like my Korean is suffering because I don't have time (or money, really) for lessons anymore, and I've got enough school work to study as it is that I don't have the energy to study Korean on my own. Of course I still hear it all the time and speak it with friends, but I can't build any more sophisticated knowledge that way. I'm hoping to take at least one class in Korean before I finish this program, but there's no way I'll be ready to if I can't amp up my vocabulary in time.

I dunno. Not feeling very happy lately. No vacation in sight for ages, because I couldn't get out of my job so I'll have to work in the summer... so I'm going to take a summer course 'cos hell why not, and reduce my course load later. And I'm prematurely turning into an old spinster. I'm sick of being single but there's no opportunity to meet anyone (most everyone in my program is female).

On the bright side, Omair is coming for a visit Wednesday. Regrettably I couldn't get time off work for his visit, and I obviously can't skip class, but I hope we can make the most of it. So.