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Aish close-up

Hepatitis wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Let's update!

Lebanon is out; India is in.  My buddy Jigar is getting married in Mumbai at the end of December, my tickets are bought and visa in hand, and I just have to plan the rest of the itinerary after the wedding.  If I'm gonna get vaccinations I should be getting them... now.  But they're so expensive and insurance doesn't cover them, so... meh?  I know, I know, it's one of things you dearly wish you had should you catch typhoid, but dammit I'm poor.  =(

I've got some malaria medication my friend gave me before going to the Galapagos, and I can pick up some diarrhea meds before I go... so... ?

Another friend just got a job at Qatar Airways so I'm thinking to hit her up for a discount and get my trip to Lebanon that way... maybe winter 2012/2013?

This semester is meh.  School is meh.  Ready to graduate but not at the same time.  Sometimes I think of dropping out because it all kind of sucks, but I'm a few thousand invested already, so, you know, I carry on.  >.>  Money is a concern, as ever.

I do have a lovely course on Korean micro-history, though, which is the first Korean history course I've ever taken, not to mention the first history course of any kind I've taken at a university.  I didn't know so much about Korean history before, but it's really fascinating.  The course covers the period from the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty (Korea's last) through the twentieth century, and there's so many things I understand about Korea that I didn't before.  It's easy to forget that this country has a 5000-year history, since so many of its old buildings and artifacts have been destroyed or pillaged (you can thank the Japanese occupation and the Korean War for that), but reading about it helps you connect it with modern life even if in small ways.

Too bad Korean Studies is not my specialization and my thesis can probably have nothing to to with this.  =/  At least though this class and one other I have are quite small, seminar-style classes with visiting professors who seem to care a lot about teaching, so I'm quite enjoying that.

On the topic of things of a scholastic nature, I started a couple of blogs that are probably of no interest to anyone reading this, but anyway:

osburga.tumblr.com - Korean grammar blog I've put up mostly as a way to help myself memorize grammar patterns mostly used in academic or period contexts, which I need for the TOPIK (Korean proficiency exam I'm hoping to take next July).

osburga.wordpress.com - In 2008/2009 I read Orientalism and thought a great project would be to set up a website with translations for all the untranslated French, Latin, and German bits in the text.  I'm -finally- getting around to transcribing the notes I took back when I read the book to a blog.  I figure it'll be of use to somebody who has to read the book for a college course.  This will be my little contribution to academia.  =P

I'm dating someone (the "friend" who's in the Galapagos right now, actually)... it's been since August but I haven't told many people, I guess because the last time I got excited about a relationship and it crashed and burned, I felt kind of embarrassed having to go tell everyone so.  He's kind of gotten serious about it really fast, which makes me wary but... eh?  He's abroad for four months for work so it's giving me a little space at least.

Kind of interesting thing is, he's Korean but lived in Argentina for seven years when he was a kid, so we speak to each other in Spanish.  Globalization kind of blows my mind sometimes.

And... going to America next June/July!  Finally!  Thrilled and would say I couldn't wait, but time's going by fast enough as it is.  I'll be in Dallas for one week then LA another two.

Finally, because I can't repost it in enough places, I leave you with this: