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tulipfield's Journal

Field of Tulips
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I only update this sucker once in a blue moon. I think my lists of interests and my communities sum me up pretty well.

I guess I should say I'm one of those irritating people teaching English in Korea. I do my best and I love my students, but I'm not sure I'm cut out for it long-term. I'm learning Korean, and hoping to be more successful at it than I have been at German, Japanese, Hindi, and Vietnamese, all of which I've studied for varying lengths of time but have never mastered. Which is not to say I wouldn't go back to those languages if I wound up living in a country that spoke one of them. I speak Spanish as well as English natively, though I've been neglecting the former a great deal recently.

Really, I'm no good at languages, but I am good at linguistics, and it remains a distant dream of mine to maybe one day acquire a PhD in some subfield therein. Or join the Department of State, whichever impossibility renders itself doable first.

I might stick it out for a long time in Korea, but I want to go other places as well. Lebanon and India are at the top of my list.

I really love internet culture, 90s Americana (especially pop music, espcially R&B and rap from the decade), and nonfiction. I think sometimes I'm a scientist at heart who got side-tracked into the humanities, but found a happy medium in linguistics.

All this stuff aside, family (immediate and extended) is the most important thing to me, and sometimes I'm so afraid my personal ambitions are robbing me of more of the limited time I have with them.